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Writing A New World —

Writing A New World – Guest Post from Singer-Songwriter Peyton Tochterman
Posted on September 9, 2011 by Andi Comment

I first heard Peyton Tochterman play when he opened for Ellis Paul just over a year ago. His quirky style, sincere lyrics, and great guitar playing made me a fan immediately. Not long after, Peyton did an interview with me, and I was so honored. Today, I’m honored to have him share his own thoughts about his new record A New World.

I began writing this record just after recovering from neck surgery. Kenny G’s grand piano had fallen on my head. Surgery and therapy was significant and I wasn’t in a great frame of mind about anything . Couple that with a large amount of pain medication and you have the start to a truly happy group of songs. This was early 2009, and I really only had five songs or so, and the idea of a full length record wasn’t even on the radar. But the few songs I had had some promise. A little dark, but promising…

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Sep 20
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